Grab A Cup of Coffee
Eat Some Breakfast

Every Sunday
9:15 AM
Social Hall

Many places of worship, and a lot of non-religious organizations, have a “coffee hour” or “fellowship time” or some other name for “when we all mill around and have a little something to eat and drink.”  At our church, we have a “breakfast half hour,” and this is a particularly vital time.  Many interesting conversations happen, friendships are formed, and plans for activities are worked out during this time.  We’re really into food, too, but we don’t get competitive about it.  The “breakfast half hour” is not a time to outdo each other with as-seen-in-glossy-magazines fancy cuisine, just a time to share some food and beverage. Each week someone volunteers to prepare the meal and coffee. Sometimes we have homemade biscuits & gravy, and other times we have Dunkin’ Donuts. So, instead of rushing the family through breakfast on Sunday morning to get to church on time,  come and share our Loves & Fishes!