Yesterday, God allowed me a glimpse of heaven; so peaceful with  light everywhere. Not a jarring, harsh light but a soft, warm and welcoming light that caused a longing in me to walk forward and stay. I proceeded to step forward with such peace and a soft smile on my face knowing that I was home, but, then, a thought, a voice, a sense came.  What about those left behind? I turned and saw a ‘darkness’ deep and binding. I felt a responsibility, a burden, to remain. This darkness behind is the only thing that keeps me tethered to this world. This is not my home, but I am here for now.  Paul’s heart is my heart. “And to live in the flesh to me a fruit of work, then what shall I choose? I know not; for I am pressed by the two, having the desire to depart, and to be with Christ, for it is far better, and to remain in the flesh is more necessary on your account, and of this being  persuaded, I have known that I shall remain and continue with you all….” Phillipians 1:22-25          –Pat (4/12/2020)

I came across an article today, and it really resonated with me. I reminisce of family gatherings I grew up with. I can taste the sweetened turnip roots and fried cornbread that I ate every year. I miss them dearly. But my grandparents and even Aunts and Uncles have passed away. I long for the times of seeing their wrinkly smiles smirking at the little ones and tired, aged eyes brightened by the youngest’s dance. It’s true. The family gathering is a dying tradition. BUT…. I am so happy that my small children have an opportunity to still experience it. I’m fortunate that every Sunday evening at 6 pm I can experience this again with my kids. We aren’t all related by blood, but we are related through Jesus. Older folks pat me on the back, graciously give hugs and even belly laugh as my 4 year old tells a joke with no punchline. They remind my girls to slow down and stop running, fearing they will trip and fall. They bring a dish that reminds me of my Nana’s. Every. Single. Week. They are my village. They are my family and my children see them as theirs. And… on the evening of a cold rainy Sunday, they are there to share stories, recipes, encouraging words and the love of Jesus.
If you are missing your family or wish to extend it, please join us on Sunday at 6. We’d love to have you.                                      –Kristin 12/2019

“Dear Folks at Manteo Faith and Pastor Steve,

What a glorious privilege to worship with you today. Jesus is exalted, God is praised and the people care for one another. The music was so heart touching and fitting with the message and the heart of God. Very warm and friendly group of folks. Have not heard such an encouraging message in a very long time. Well done, Pastor Steve. In some churches, when we are encouraged to exude grace, it is either anything goes or pull up your boot straps and move forward. But, to be plugged into the very heart of God is so key…grace is a gift. We are not perfect, we all know it, and having a God of second chances is HUGE. Loved the encouragement to realize His mercies are new every morning and to choose this day whom I will serve. We will choose every day who we will follow…on the good days and the tough days. God is faithful!!! You  cause me to also ponder if I am being a good steward of the gifts and abilities God has given me and to consider how I am using these or doing with them. Loved too what you shared about the “manna”…the people had to go out and get it, take it and use it. Will I apply what God has given me with mercy and compassion? Forgetting what is behind and pressing on…what do I need to do now? I believe God has spoken to me through you, Pastor, and for the first time in my life I seem to be “getting it.” Hallelujah!!! Have felt so stuck the past few months even though being a Christian for many years. Glory to God for you and thankful for the help in how to get UNSTUCK. Wow, what an answer to my prayers for these many months!!! You helped me “connect the dots” and live in free obedience to Him alone. My heart was so touched seeing the women gather around the one lady who came to the altar at the close of the service…such loving care of prayer and tears and encouragement. This is what I want in a church…Good Bible teaching, pointing others back to Jesus Christ alone and loving those around them. My heart is encouraged to go deeper with Christ and my hope is in Him alone. Thankful for the scars and the hope that is mine in Christ Jesus; the Healer, Hope and Helper. Looking forward to worshiping with you again soon. Lord willing and the creeks don’t rise!!!:) Lovingly in Christ and much prayer.

–Beverly (9/1/2019)

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