At this time, we are discontinuing our scheduled weekly services and upcoming events until further notice. You can contact Pastor Steve st 252-305-7995. He has never had to deal with a “pandemic” before so decisions will be based on situations as they arise.  Check out the church’s Facebook page for updates.

We are encouraging everyone to follow the CDC procedures to assist in the prevention of spreading any viruses and to safeguard seniors and those with weak immune systems:

1. Use hand sanitizers.
2. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before exiting restrooms.
3. Refrain from bodily contact like handshakes and hugs. Instead, wave at one another, give air high fives and make each other’s day with a smile.
4. Wear a mask if you are coughing.
5. If you are sick, please stay home.

The church is taking the following steps outside of our normally scheduled cleaning routine to assist in limiting the spread of any viruses:
1. Wiping every door handle and common hand touch area with Clorox wipes before and after every scheduled event.
2. Spraying every room with Lysol Disinfectant spray before and after every scheduled event.

This is an ever changing situation, and we are doing our best to seek advice and wisdom from multiple sources so we can stay on top of the situation. Thank you for your understanding, partnership and support.


Sunday Schedule...

9:15AM Loves & Fishes (Breakfast & Conversation)
10:00AM Sunday School
11:00AM Worship
6:00PM Gathering (Dinner & Conversation)