We believe that EVERY follower of Jesus has their own vibrant role in the Church. God doesn’t have to do it this way, but He blesses us with the gift of being active players in what He’s doing to rescue our world. Below you’ll find specific areas of responsibilities which you can take to help further what God is doing here at our church. We don’t see these as mere “jobs” or “duties”; these are team opportunities in the truest sense of the word! 

These are not elected positions so you do not need to be a church member to be a part of a committee. So see where you best fit…where you’re passions stir…or simply where you see God wants to put you to help with the biggest need.


Mark & Jessica Everett
Jonathan Cahoon
Billy Draper

Mark & Jessica Everett

Building & Grounds
Jonathan Cahoon

Bulletin Board
Kristin Durocher

Church Signs
Barry Adamson

Counting Team
Phelpie Edmondson
Melva Draper

Milton & Mary Edwards

Wayne & Michelle Wright
Joyce Bell
Deb Rhoads

Flower & Decorating
Joyce Bell
Linda Dunnigan
Michelle Wright
Stacy Williams

As Scheduled

Lord’s Supper
Olivia Everett

Steve Rhoads

Social Media

Jessica Everett
Pat Adamson
Quinn Capps
Stacy Williams
(Radio & Newspapers)

Melva Draper
Billy Draper

Sunday Schedule...

9:15AM Loves & Fishes (Breakfast & Conversation)
10:00AM Sunday School
11:00AM Worship
6:00PM Gathering (Dinner & Conversation)

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