Core Values

Our core values are forged from the teaching of Jesus Christ…to ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ (Mark 12:31) These core values guide our behaviors, judgments and how we accomplish our mission. We will extend compassion and grace to others, taking people where they are without judgment or condemnation, showing them the love of Jesus Christ.

We seek to embody these core values as we use our expertise in the areas of ministry.

We know that as we follow and serve Christ, He will empower and equip us to do all He calls us to do.

We desire to keep our promises to each other, to the Lord, and to others, living honestly and building trust.  Our actions and decisions should be able to withstand public scrutiny without dishonoring the God we serve.

We assure and maintain transparency in our relationships with each other and other ministries and churches to build trust and have greater success in our ministry.

We strive to be faithful to God in all of our work and to follow His will in ministry.

We will live and work with a generous spirit in serving each other, as well as our community, so that more people can be transformed by Christ.

We respect God and each other, honoring our Creator and all that He has made. We affirm that every person has been made in God’s image and is a valuable child of God. We will treat others with mutual respect, even in the face of disagreements and interpersonal conflicts.

We acknowledge that none of us is perfect. We are sinful, fallen people living in a fallen world. We are no better than another. We are just imperfect Christians trying to make a difference for God, for His kingdom and for His glory. Our goal is to be completely humble – doing nothing out of selfish ambition – patiently bearing with each other in love. 

God has called us to be wise stewards of the resources He has given us, so we can further His Kingdom.

Accountability is an essential part of living and working as a community of believers, united in faith and mission.

We are a congregation, a family, and a part of the Body of Christ. Partnering with each other and with like-minded ministries and churches helps extend our reach and impact.

Sunday Schedule...

11:00AM Worship
6:00PM Gathering (Dinner & Conversation)